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e-lektron ems, ασύρματη συσκευή ems, ems μηχάνημα

The company

JP Market was created in 2017 by Pavlos Sakoulas, TEFAA graduate with coaching and professional activity since 1993, and Yiannis Skordilakis, CEO of four companies, both with many years of experience in creating fitness programs and personal training.

Their strong interest in innovative methods of training and wellness led them to engage in the professional Electromyostimulation (EMS) method, a time-efficient and highly effective form of training, without the strain that is usually present after an intense workout. ​


Their goal is to introduce innovations in the world of fitness and to serve the needs of the modern person for efficient and fast training. ​ In recent years, they have been stable partners of well-known gyms, training centers and physiotherapists, supplying them with top professional EMS systems.

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