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Work out in 20'

e-lektron - ems ασύρματη συσκευή - ems μηχάνημα

Freedom of movement

Wireless device

Quick results

Unique technology

The future of fitness

Mobile Connection

e-lektron ems - app - εφαρμογή elektron ems - συσκευή ems ασύρματη

The most advanced wireless EMS equipment!

✓ Wireless connection without cables

✓ Connection with mobile phone, tablet, smart watch

✓ Customizes every workout with personalized profiling

✓ Designed to give you maximum freedom to schedule your workouts indoors or outdoors to create an effective and enjoyable new EMS training experience.

✓ Provides maximum performance throughout training, up to 40 hours of continuous use

✓ Ease of use In just 5 minutes you prepare the equipment (vest & shorts) and you are ready to start the program of your choice.

e-lektron ems, Η  Νο.1 συσκευή ems ασύρματη, ems μηχάνημα

The benefits of e-lektron EMS

The e-lektron is designed so that with systematic use it offers beginners as well as experienced athletes multiple benefits, with the minimum investment in time and effort.

In addition, the price of the e-lektron is directly comparable to an annual gym membership or personal training sessions, as well as visits to beauty salons.

Exercising with the system e-lektron has immediately visible and excellent results in:

  • Weight loss

  • Maximum fat burning

  • Elimination of cellulite

  • Activation of metabolism

  • Tightening & empowerment

  • Physical development

  • Increase endurance

  • Improved elasticity

  • Targeted training

  • Recovery & restoration

e-lektron ems - electromyostimulation ems machine
ems technology - ems e-lektron - electromyostimulation machine - ems machine - ems machines


“EMS” or electromyostimulation was originally created to help astronauts avoid muscle atrophy while on space stations in zero-gravity conditions.

Since 2000, EMS technology has been integrated into the daily training of professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts in Europe and the USA.

Famous athletes, models, actors and other celebrities use EMS technology to maximize the results of exercise, increase their strength, endurance and of course improve their body image.

The fast, fast pace of modern life combined with the (rapid) development of technology has led to a steadily increasing trend to seek home edition solutions in the field of fitness. This resulted in the creation of the e-lektron HOME EDITION which is based on the high end technology of EMS and provides corresponding professional results, while at the same time it is easy to use and safe to use from the comfort of the home.

e-lektron home edition, ems μηχάνημα, ems συσκευή ασύρματη


Unique technology that allows the movement of the electrodes to better target the muscles we want to exercise

vest set e-lektron - ems e-lektron

Light and easy to use made of hypoallergenic materials

e-lektron PRO Edition is ideal for:

Personal Trainers



Wellness & Spa 

e-lektron Home Edition can be used by:


People who want to stay in shape

People recovering from injuries

People who want to save time

After Sales Support

The e-lektron is manufactured in the European Union exclusively for the JP Market and the Greek market. It has CE certification and a 2-year performance guarantee from the date of purchase is provided for the device and the Vest Set.

After the end of the two years and in the event of any malfunction, there is the possibility of inspection and repair, if this is possible, at the cost of the customer.

It is essential that the Instructions for Use are followed closely to ensure proper, safe and efficient operation of the device and the Vest Set.

For any questions or concerns regarding use, you can contact After Sales Support via email or phone.

e-lektron ems - ems device - ems machine - wireless ems device


It has CE certification and a 2-year warranty is provided from the date of purchase for the device

ems μηχάνημα, ems συσκευή ασύρματη, ems στολή, e-lektron ems
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